Castagna Formaggi


A story of passion and research
The birth

It was the 1960s when the Castagna brand was born.

Eligio Castagna establishes his company for the love and passion of the dairy product and a territory that encompasses traditions of distant times and landscapes of unspoiled beauty: the Val d’Ossola.

Success is immediately assured thanks to the union for the adventurous search for typical cheeses produced by small companies and the particular and unique “vision” of Eligio’s way of thinking characterized by the passion for the unique characteristics of the taste of the products and by the craftsmanship and from the knowledge of the old mountain cheesemakers.

From the passionate search for typical cheeses from the Ossola valleys, a real trade in high quality products is born with the aim of satisfying the most disparate tastes.

The research extends throughout Italy
The diffusion

The desire to provide unique products due to their peculiarities and origins becomes ever stronger: the search for typical cheeses continues over the years and extends throughout Italy.

Thus, was born the choice to season the products and at the same time the need to offer the necessary space to the small mountain dairy.

Castagna begins to provide a wide choice to customers of various types: from the small and specialized village shop to the wholesaler and the local supermarket.

The establishment is born
The cheese maturing

In 1997 the current plant was born, which presents seasoning and product preservation cells; the distribution network expands and, with the advent of the first large-scale organized distribution, the choice of products supplied also increases.

In the dairy sector the name begins to be recognized as a guarantee of particularity and professionalism.

A family passion
Between tradition and innovation

The passion for tradition and for the pursuit of quality continues over the years: Eligio’s son, Giuseppe, with Raffaella, takes up his father’s work, focusing on innovation both in the presentation of products and in customer service through a network of agents throughout Italy that contribute to spreading sales.

The mission remains the same: finding and giving recognition to unique products made in small family businesses that still work according to ancient recipes.

A look to the future

Following the wave of renewal, new packaging lines are inserted and a graphic line is chosen for the labels to customize the products sold.

With this in mind, the decision to certify itself according to voluntary standards in the food sector (IFS – International Food Standard and BRC – British Retail Consortium) makes the company more competitive in terms of large-scale distribution, a competitiveness that is also extended abroad with the entry into the market of DOP and fresh goat cheeses.