Castagna Formaggi

Giuseppe Castagna

Competenza, professionalità e tradizione a servizio del sapore.

The Castagna family

The Castagna family is committed to researching, selecting and refining cheeses for over 60 years, driven by a strong passion for the Val d’Ossola area and for cheeses from small productions in the Alpine area and beyond.


The flavours and secrets of dairy art continue to be handed down from generation to generation and with great professionalism thanks to the expert guidance of Giuseppe Castagna.

The founder

From childhood Giuseppe follows his father Eligio in the search for small mountain pleasures. Days spent on the mountain pastures or at the table with special people, paying attention to the teachings of the father, forging his passion, perfecting himself, improving himself and acquiring, with experience, the awareness and the will to not forget the traditions linked to his own land.

Passion, knowledge of the sector and commitment: these are the qualities that characterize Giuseppe and that allow him to successfully guide the family’s historic company.


Between production, aging and consulting

Giuseppe Castagna today is personally dedicated to research by selecting the cheeses that will be brought to the aging cellars of the company in which, day after day, the flavours are released and enhanced. This continuous research is not limited only to the family business: in the last few years, important operators in the sector, nationally and internationally, have entrusted Giuseppe with the task of investigating and studying products that are today on the market.

The great mastery of dairy techniques has allowed Giuseppe to actively participate in the development and realization of some products, contributing his support to master cheese makers in the recipes that give rise to very high-quality cheeses.

The aging of cheeses is a real art that really belongs to a few!

The prices

The skills and professionalism demonstrated allowed Giuseppe, formerly Maître Fromager, to receive the title of “Garde et Juré” from the Guilde Internationals des Fromagers in 2013.

Guide Internationale Des Fromagers | Giuseppe Castagna



Not just cheeses ...

Giuseppe’s passion is not limited only to cheese. Over the years he has also approached the world of wine so as to acquire, in 2005, the title of sommelier. Thanks to this further achievement, Giuseppe began a journey aimed at developing a further branch in his career by approaching the world of catering through consultations on pairing wine with cheese, considered in its simplicity one of the summits of gastronomic refinement. The proposed combinations are a perfect balance of aromas and flavours of extreme finesse and refinement.


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