Castagna Formaggi

Press review

August/September 2006
Viaggi e sapori

Tribute to the range of Robiole proposed by Castagna that ranges from the tradition of Robiola Monterosa to the particularity of Robiola di Roccaverano, aged 2 months with beeswax.

14 November 2007
Eco Risveglio

The Taleggio Dop Castagna was recognized, in October 2007 in Oberstdorf in Germany, among the 5 best Italian cheeses by the Jury of the Onaf (National Organization of Cheese Tasters).

Eco Risveglio

Giuseppe Castagna, on the occasion of the edition of Cheese di Bra, the most important event in the world in terms of national and international cheeses, was awarded with the title of “Maitre formager d’Europe”.

June 2014
Gambero Rosso

Taleggio Castagna was selected by Gambero Rosso for its strong personality and unique characteristics that distinguish it.

March 2017
Gambero Rosso

Particular attention of Gambero Rosso to the Fontina d’ Alpeggio proposed by Castagna characterized by a range of sensations.